5th steering committee – Institutional Strengthening of HJC in Palestine

Publé le 15 April 2016

On April 11, 2016 – The 5th steering committee of the EU funded project “Institutional Strengthening of HJC in Palestine” was held at HJC premises in Ramallah, chaired by Chief Justice Sami Sarsour and Head of Cooperation at Office of EU Representative Alessandra Viezzer with participation from representatives of EUPOL COPPS, Canadian Consulate, Public Prosecution, JCI and high level staff of HJC.

The fifth meeting aimed at following up the implementation of the project and to overcome challenges. H.E informed the attendance with latest developments such as the assigning of Judge Rasha Hamad to be director of the Palestinian Judicial Institute.

Chancellor Sarsour indicated the importance of facility management for the HJC in order to guarantee sustainable maintenance for new courthouses funded by EU and Canada.

The attendance agreed on the extension of the project period and to assign a technical expert to work on backlog cases.

It is worth noting that the project aims to work on five components: institutional assessment of the organizational structure of HJC and courts, in-depth analysis of the organizational structure of all departments and units within HJC responsible for Court Administration, assistance in the introduction of facility management in Palestine, training needs assessment and development of training programs on court management and facility management and establishment of time standards and measurements reducing backlog of cases.