JCI annual notebook

Published at the end of each year, these JCI Notebooks present the content, methods and results of JCI’s activities and cooperation projects from various angles. Complementary to Activity Report, this work proposes more than a simple description of the projects but a broader reflection on international cooperation. Through this publication, JCI wishes to contribute to raising awareness of the reality of judicial cooperation activities, whether bilateral or multilateral.

JCI is pleased to present the first issue of JCI Notebooks

Thus, in this first edition, the Bar President Paul Albert IWEINS, representatives of the National Chamber of Judicial Officers, as well as magistrates John Mac KEE, Bernard LEGRAS and Marc BRISSET FOUCAUT (all JCI experts in the field) were invited to look at international judicial cooperation. Through a specific topic and geographic area, each author demonstrates the actions he takes/has taken in projects, some led directly by JCI.

May this new initiative contribute to the recognition, by the entire legal and judicial world of our country, of the importance of international cooperation.

Jean-Claude MARIN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JCI