Support council

The creation of a support council for JCI was provided under the provisions of the Group’s December 2016 renewal amendment.  It was established in September 2017, and held its first meeting in October 2017.

Why a support council within JCI?

  • To improve the recognition of JCI and its work on the periphery of the legal community by promoting and leveraging its achievements
  • To support the work conducted by JCI’s operations team in project design and possibly in identifying experts
  • To work on the production of summary documents reporting on the activities conducted and their results


The council is comprised of a dozen volunteer experts from a variety of backgrounds, covering all the themes encountered most often in projects:

Mr Daniel LECRUBIER , Honorary Magistrate, former Chairman of the board of Directors, honorary member

Mr Michel DOUMENQ, Honorary Judge, member of the “Prisoners Without Borders” association

Ms Elisabeth JOHNSTON, General Delegate for the French Forum for Urban Security (EFUS)

Mr Hervé MAGRO, former Consul of France in Jerusalem and Istanbul, currently director of the archives of the MEAE

Mr Philippe LEMAIRE, Prosecutor to the Court of Cassation, former Attorney General of Amiens and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENAP

Mr Jacques COMBRET, Honorary Notary

Ms Marguerite ZAUBERMAN, Honorary Judge with ten years of service to the Bank of France, mediator in banking and commercial cases, member of the scientific committee of the National Institute of Auditors

Mr Paul ROCHARD, judicial officer

Ms Sylvaine PERRUZETTO, University Professor, specialising in commercial law and European law, special advisor to the Court of Cassation

Mr Paul-Albert IWEINS, Lawyer, former President of the Paris Bar, former President of the National Council of Bars