Algeria : ongoing activities and development opportunities for PASJA (grant component)

The grant part of the Justice Sector Support Programme in Algeria (PASJA) started more than 2 1/2 years ago. The grant is co-financed by the EU and the French Embassy in Algeria, with a maximum budget of 4 041 000 euros. It aims at supporting the modernization process of the judicial institution, including courts, and at strengthening the capacities of magistrates, clerks, lawyers and notaries.

The grant is carried out by a project coordinator based in Alger and two high-level French magistrates mobilized on a regular basis in the framework of technical assistance and trainings missions, under the supervision of the Programme Director of the Algerian Ministry of Justice. The action plan has been set up in close cooperation with the focal points of each entity of the Algerian judicial institution.

Even though the first semester of 2019 has been pretty hectic because of the institutionnal and social context, cooperation activities managed to be implemented with the Algerian partners. They consisted in training workshops and working groups, and dealt with topics such as courts management, real-time processing, inspection, ethics for magistrates, criminal court, clerk services, Algerian High School of magistrature. New activities are scheduled on th eofrthcoming months to strengthen the capacities of lawyers and notaries, and to support them in structuring their professions, including in terms of initial and continuous training.

The project is now moving into a phase of consolidation and preparation of deliverables– such as technical sheets and a guide to support Court presidents – which will continue until October 2020 – following a one-year extension of the contract to further deploy activities.

1and 2- Workshop-conference on the ethics of judges led by Ms. Bussière, President of the Honorary Court of Appeal and Mr. Huet, Honorary Attorney General – June 2019, Higher School of Magistracy, Koléa

3 – Mission of the Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB) – Me Véronique Tuffal-Nerson, Me Benoit Dumontet, Me Karline Gaborit, accompanied by Mr Djemane, President of the Court of Appeal, Mr Ait Chaallal Attorney General, and Mr Blida Me Medjouba.

4 – Mission of notaries from the French High Council of Notaries (CSN) to their counterparts, June 2019, Algiers

5 – Expert mission of the French Court of Cassation to the Algerian Supreme Court, June-July 2019, Algiers