Bosnia-Herzegovina: The management of EU4justice: Support to the fight against Organised crime and Corruption remains in Sarajevo

Publé le 1 May 2020

“Bosnia-Herzegovina hasn’t escaped from the health crisis: teleworking is encouraged, only shops with essential commodities are still opened, masks and gloves are compulsory in public places, a curfew from 6pm to 5am has been established. Nevertheless, the city is subject to more flexible lockdown measures during the day, movements are allowed without any time or distance limit but there are few runners along Miljacka river.

Within the project, the activity has been cut down due to the temporary hanging of all short-term experts’ missions, result of the compelled lockdown and the lack of air services. Nevertheless , the activity densely continues behind screens, on Viber, SKype, Zoom meeting with the Delegation of the European Union, on the phone, by emails. We decided with the team to devote our time to in-depth work as wellas the preparationof future activities. Each member of the team has a road map until the end of April 2020. We have daily contacts with each other through the tools of communication and almost everyday with Adrien Elbe, Deputy Director at JCI.

We adapt ourselves to online conferences. Thus, we addressed a written statement on our priorities to the 110 participants at the annual conference of heads of court and jurisdiction on the 8th and 9th of April 2020 organised by videoconference by the admnistration office of the High Council of Judges and prosecutors in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We keep mobilising our local and european experts on the deliverables of project. Beneficiaries request us to continue work and we think about the organisation of online round-table discussions assisted by interpreters. My presence in Sarajevo shows the will to assure the continuity of the project during this delicate situation. Therefore, I think I will be better able to give back to the project a cruising speed during the temporary period between the end of restrictive measures, the reopening of the airport of Sarajevo and the assumption of airlines between European countries and Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

Isabelle ARMAL – Team Leader

You can find more information on the project here: www.eu4justice.