Closing ceremony of the twinning in Kosovo

Publé le 20 May 2019

Ms. COCHET, Director General, and Mr. Yves CHARPENEL, First Honorary Advocate General at the Court of Cassation, represented JCI at the Closing Event of the Twinning “Strengthening the Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency of the Justice System of Judges and Prosecutors of Kosovo” that took place in Pristina on Tuesday 7th of May, in the presence of the Kosovo Minister of Justice, the ambassadors of France and Italy, representatives of the European Union and the presidents of Kosovar judicial institutions.

The project started operations in October 2016, and was implemented by a consortium led by the High Council of the Italian Judiciary, in partnership with JCI and the Syracuse International Institute. For thirty-one months, the consortium – for JCI, Mr. CHARPENEL as Junior Project Leader – supported the Beneficiaries – the Judicial Council, the Prosecutorial Council, and the Kosovar Ministry of Justice.

Among the many activities carried out, the experts contributed to the reorganization of the administrations of the two Councils, the implementation of the electronic case management systems for the courts and the public prosecutor’s offices, and a system of accountability of judges and prosecutors in line with European standards.

The project contributed to some significant achievements – the most emblematic probably being the draft law on the accountability of judges and prosecutors, currently close to being voted, and largely inspired by the recommendations made in the context of twinning – but above all a large number of recommendations made to the Kosovar authorities, who are now responsible to implement those recommendations.

The closing speeches highlighted the satisfaction of the Contracting Authority -the European Union-, with regard to the exemplary involvement of the consortium’s members, as well as that of the Kosovar Beneficiaries, the Minister having very strongly expressed the wish to continue the cooperation with the twinning partners. Italy and France, through the voices of their ambassadors, thanked the European Union and the Beneficiaries, confirmed their interest in continuing the work undertaken and to support the institutions in implementing the reforms already undertaken and those to come.

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