Beginning of the EU4Justice project

Publé le 21 February 2019

JCI is in charge of a new project called EU4Justice – Support in the fight against Organized Crime and Corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Begun on February 1, 2019, this project aims to improve the effectiveness of investigations and prosecutions in corruption and organized crime cases through an interdisciplinary approach that requires close cooperation of all stakeholders.

In order to oversee the project, JCI has deployed the prosecutor Isabelle Arnal, a specialist in serious crime, for two years. Our project manager Valentina Salvato, will be present alongside Mrs Arnal during the first 3 months to support him on the operational / administrative aspects, and thus ensure the good start of the project.

EU4Justice is endowed with one of 2.2 million euros fully funded by the EU, under the funds of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

At a press conference, the Head of Cooperation at the EU BiH delegation, Richard Máša, pointed out that thanks to EU4Justice and 2 other European projects started in parallel, 14 biH corruption prevention bodies receive strategic, legal and operational support.

In the recently published TI Corruption Index 2018, BiH’s score is 38 out of 100 – revealing the country’s standstill in addressing flourishing corruption practices. The European Union provides BiH with a unique pool of expertise to curb corruption.

Richard Máša

Based on article by the EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Photo credit: Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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