Continuous training of the penal chain actors and training of trainers – CFJ of Dakar

Publé le 26 February 2018

December 2017 and January 2018

Two training sessions have been recently set up in Dakar in the framework of the Support program to the Rule of Law and the reform of the judicial system in Senegal (11e EFD).

From 11 to 15 December 2017, the Judicial Training Center (CFJ) hosted a training session on « investigation and prosecution », under the chairmanship of the General Prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Dakar. This workshop is the first training module of serie of three units adressed to the penal chain actors. It has been co-facilitated by two experts, the President of the Investigatory Chamber at the Appeal Court of Pau (France), and the First General Attorney at the Appeal Court of Dakar. The workshop brought together prosecutors, investigating judges, judges, lawyers, clerks and judicial police officers.

In January 2018, the Judicial Training Center hosted once again a session aiming this time to train a group of trainers composed of magistrates, administrators, clerks and others trainers profiles. This session has been facilitated by two trainers of the National School for the Judiciary (ENM) in France. The objective was to enable participants to get theoretical and methodological inputs to formalise training objectives and pedagogical objectives, to design and facilitate trainings by using tailored active methods to the training of judges and clerks.

Continuous training session session of the penal chain actors – 11-15 december 2017
Training of trainers at the Judicial Training Center of Dakar – 22-26 January 2018