Democratic Republic of the Congo – Pursuit of the project on the support of the National Institute of Judicial Training (INAFORJ), during Covid 19 crisis

Publé le 15 April 2020

“ Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and precisely in the city of Kinshasa, the rhythm of the activities of the project and other administrative services, among which are the different partners or beneficiaries, is regulated and rigorously monitored, so as to break the chain of contagion.

This is why the teleworking mode is privileged to the transport to the facilities housing the various offices, most of which are located in the Commune of La Gombe, currently considered as the epicentre of the disease, and whose total containment is planned from April 6th to April 20th, 2020;

As far as I am concerned, the tasks assigned to me are carried out daily, in strict compliance with the barrier gestures as set out by the WHO and the measures taken at the country level, since the state of emergency was declared by the Head of State;

As usual, the various terms of reference for the planned activities are being drafted, telephonic follow-up with the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the procedures for requesting authorizations for activities for which requests had already been submitted have been finalized, and the signature of the amendment to the partnership contract.

Telephone exchanges are also conducted with the persons in charge of the various departments (training of the judiciary members and training of clerks and secretaries of the public prosecutor’s office) concerning the content of the training courses to be scheduled, the availability of the lists of candidates selected for each activity, the drafting and harmonisation of the various partner documents to be submitted to AFD, such as the Financial Procedure Manual, and the operating budget.

Working sessions are held by telephone with the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Minister of Justice and the reference person in charge of the project at the Ministry of Justice, as well as sessions by e-mail and telephone with the AFD project officer, in order to update information on the health situation and issues related to the project activities, including the series of activities that will bring together the Ministry of Justice- AFD- JCI and the interim DG of INAFORJ to define the main lines of the project.

Clearly, the activities planned in accordance with the project timeline are not cancelled, they will have to be carried out as soon as the situation is assessed positively, so it is absolutely necessary that the preparations are well underway and well prepared, in order to avoid any surprises that could have a negative impact on implementation.”

Mr. Dezzy Mukebayi.

NB: The containment of the commune of La Gombe (Kinshasa) began this Monday, April 6, 2020 for a period of 15 days.