Democratic Republic of the Congo: Distance training on the ethics of the judiciary

Publé le 22 September 2020

This Monday, September 22, 2020 was held in Kinshasa the opening of a week of workshops devoted to the ethics of Congolese judges and prosecutors.

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Bernard Takahishe Ngumbi, opened the session, followed by the Director General of INAFORJ, Mr. Gerard Katambwe Malipo. They welcomed the joint organisation, by the INAFORJ, JCI and ENM, of this training which should mark the beginning of a cycle of seven training courses for the Congolese judiciary by the end of 2020.

In compliance with sanitary rules, gathered and divided into small groups at INAFORJ, 60 judiciary members will benefit throughout the week from the interventions, via videoconference, of two honorary judge and prosecutor, former members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (Mrs Chantal Bussière and Mr Jean-Marie Huet). These two trainers, familiar with international training courses on the ethics of the judiciary, benefit at the INAFORJ from the valuable support of a Congolese co-trainer, Mr. Mey Bukolo, Advocate General at the Council of State. He ensures the maintenance of an active pedagogical approach for each of the participants and despite the distance.