ECJIN- The European Judicial Inspection Team meets by videoconference, for the first part of the study visit in Portugal

Publé le 28 July 2020

The international context related to the Covid-19 pandemic did not discourage the European Judicial Inspection Team, which met by videoconference for their study visit in Lisbon, Portugal.

This first day of study visit was organised by the Supreme Council of the Judiciary of Portugal, in collaboration with the General Inspectorate of Justice of France, on a fundamental topic: the digitisation of judicial procedures

Portuguese judges specialised in civil cooperation, shared with the inspection team the IT tools used in the course of their duties and explained the impact of IT technologies on the application of European regulations in the field of judicial cooperation in civil matters, at the national level.

Through the use of the “screen sharing” functionality, the project partners observed the detailed structure and functioning of the electronic platforms, dedicated to the management of judicial procedures.

The topic of statistical data collection, essential to the project, was also dealt with through a detailed explanation of the functioning of the IT tool used by Portuguese judges.

This first day of study visit will be followed by two more days, dedicated to interactive exchanges with Portugese courts, as well as to the steering committee meeting in charge of the preparation of the final report.