Egypt – Workshop on E-learning capacity building with the Egyptian judiciary school

Publé le 2 August 2016

European experts share experiences with the National Centre for Judicial Studies and Judicial Information Centre staff on E-learning capacity building

Cairo, 2nd of August 2016

In the framework of the Support to the Modernization of the Administration of Justice (SMAJ) project funded by the European Union (EU), European experts shared their expertise with staff members of the National Centre for Judicial Studies (NCJS) and of the Judicial Information Centre (JIC). During a workshop held at the NCJS premises, the experts also discussed E-learning capacity-building and its implementation in Egypt. The EU has allocated nine million Euros to the SMAJ project which aims at supporting the Egyptian Ministry of Justice and related institutional bodies. Further activities, including new workshops based on peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and know-how, are planned in the coming months. The SMAJ project runs until December 2018.

Two experts, representing the French and the Spanish national schools for magistrates, detailed the strategic online approach adopted by their respective countries. The legal framework, organisational and technical challenges, as well as pedagogical perspectives, were debated with the 14 participants. The audience then actively contributed in defining tentative areas/courses of the initial and continuous education programmes which could be delivered online. The discussion was supervised by a Dutch expert who introduced further concrete examples of modernisation of EU training architectures based on a cost-effective approach. He indicated that the EU approach on E-learning started in the year 2000.

The EU-funded SMAJ project continues to support the development of e-learning capacity-building in Egypt. SMAJ will further provide assistance in the application of E-learning to concrete courses, upon request of the NCJS, and will provide soft- and hard-ware to fulfil this objective. The workshop was held under the auspices of the Egyptian Minister of Justice and inaugurated by the Vice Minister of Justice, and director of the NCJS, his Excellency Counsellor Omar Hafeez.

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