International judicial cooperation event

Publé le 26 January 2018

JCI supported the European and International Delegation (DAEI) of the ministry of Justice in organizing a 1-day event dedicated to international judicial cooperation. This event was held on Tuesday, January 16th, on the occasion of the annual liaison magistrates’ week.

It opened with a broadcasted speech by Ms. Nicole BELLOUBET, Minister of Justice, who announced the adoption by the ministry of an international cooperation strategy, and confirmed the need for a dedicated justice operator – JCI – to ensure its implementation

Then a roundtable moderated by Ms. Caroline GONTRAN, Head of the DAEI – an inter-ministerial and inter-directorate entry point for the ministry’s international action – brought together the directors of the ministry or their representatives from the different directorates, the director of the National School for the Judiciary and the Justice Department Inspector General. They all converged in highlighting the importance of the international dimension of their actions.

Then Mr. Stéphane Verclytte, Secretary General of the Chancellery focused on the means deployed by the ministry of Justice to implement its international cooperation. He took up the announcements made by the Minister and introduced the presentation of Ms. GONTRAN on the role and activities of the DAEI. On this occasion, the speakers reiterated the ministry’s strong support to JCI, as an indispensable tool for international technical cooperation for the Justice sector, that cannot be merged into development assistance.

Finally, Nicole COCHET, JCI Director General, outlined JCI’s specific role as a tool for JCI members and the wider justice community in order i) to identify multilateral funding for projects of interest to JCI members and other justice-related institutions, ii) to bid for contracts, by submitting offers or supporting them, iii) to ensure the full implementation and management of the projects won, and provide financial accountability to donors for their execution. Ms. COCHET showcased JCI exponential growth and convincing results. She also outlined possible ways for development in the coming years.

The afternoon’s activity was dedicated to six workshops. Four focused on key topics of the ministry’s international cooperation action – prisons, training, support to judicial reforms and the rule of law, terrorism – and the two others on the issue of projects financing and the search for experts.

Download the minutes (in French) HERE.

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