Work with us

For the implementation of its projects in 2018, the GIP deployed 253 experts and JCI staff, for a total of
512assignments in 27 countries, with a total of 2228 days worked.

WHO are JCI’s international experts ?

Judges, clerks, bailiffs, notaries, lawyers, prison personnel or personnel in ant other profession in the legal system, as well as officials from the various departments of the Ministry for Justice, private consultants, administrative personnel, etc. Ultimately, any person with particular knowledge of a given profession or trade, who is an expert in a given body of legislation or a specific technology, may offer their services as an expert.

HOW DOES ONE become a JCI International expert ?

Either by directly responding to an offer or by submitting an unsolicited application on the JCI website. In either case, it is recommended that you regularly check the JCI website, Under the section “Join Us”. The only document you need to provide is a comprehensive CV, in French and/or English, preferably in the Europass format. JCI will contact you when your profile correponds to a requirement.

WHY should you become a JCI international expert ?

To help provide sustainable solutions for beneficiary countries and institutions ; to share your skills ; to enrich your own knowledge ; to encounter different professionnal environments ; to discover a new country and a new culture … and for any number of other reasons of your own!

WHAT do JCI international experts do ?

They are sent out into the field to perform technical assistance assignments, which may last from a few days to several years. These assignments may range from conducting a evaluation of an institution, to supervising a team of experts, or providing training on a specific theme. The project execution as a whole is conducted by JCI teams (management of work and activity plans, Financial and administrative management, and mission logistics).