Judicial response to terrorism in the EU

Publé le 12 November 2014

Judicial response to terrorism in the EU: Strengthening cooperation to better prevent and react

The project ‘Judicial Response to Terrorism in the EU: Strengthening Cooperation to Better Prevent and React’ will offer justice professionals (judges and prosecutors) training and networking opportunities through the organisation of five training events to be organised in France, Spain and Belgium between December 2013 and March 2015.

Through a comparative approach to the issue of the judicial response to terrorism, those events will offer justice professionals the opportunity to learn about other national contexts and judicial systems, share their practical experience of dealing with existing or emergent terrorist threats, and establish new professional contacts with counterparts across the EU and beyond.

The Initial Conference of the project (Paris, 9-10-11 December 2013) examined the points of convergence between drug trafficking and terrorism. The three practical seminars (France, Spain and Belgium) will be dedicated to the study of a practical mock-up case of a terrorist attack involving several EU Member States. Each seminar will focus on a different phase of the judicial process: the intelligence phase preceding the commission of the terrorist act; the immediate reaction to the terrorist attack and the investigation phase; and the criminal proceedings and trial phase. The Final Conference will gather the conclusions of the different seminars and present them to a larger audience of judges, prosecutors, investigators and policymakers from different EU Member States.

The ENM’s operator, Justice Cooperation International (JCI), will provide assistance in what regards the practical implementation of the project.

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