Mali- Official handing-in of Covid 19 hygiene kits

On Friday 24th of April 2020 took place, in the courtyard of the Ministry of Justice, the official handing-in of Covid-19 hygiene kits to correctional facilities in Mali.

This handing-in was both for the materials ordered by the PAJM II (Project to Support Justice in Mali) and the Mandela Prison Project operated by the United Nations Developement Programme and the MINUSMA- United Nations multidimensional integrated stabilization Mission in Mali. It was organised by the National Directorate of the Prison Administration and the Correctional Education (DNAPES) and partly funded by the Netehrlands.

The ceremony , chaired by Minister of Justice and Human Rights, the Attorney General, has gathered in a small group (distancing measures required) the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation, the Ambassador of the Netherlands, the Representative deputy resident of the System of the United Nations, some representatives of the CONFED, the PNUD and the MINUSMA, and the staff of the DNAPES.

After the speeches for the occasion, the National Director of the DNAPES specified which one of the correctional facilities would receive the provision of the PAJM II and went with the participants to show them the storage placeand this provision. The provision is as follows: 40 thermoflashes whose majority will go to the central remand prison of Bamako which gathersthe greatest number of inmates and is located ni the city-centre but also 80 hand-washing kits and 120 hand sanitizers allocated to five correctional facilities of the country.

These provisions complete substantial provisions already given, especially by Malian State and the CICR, and make complete sens as an important freedom movement of inmates is in progress following presidential pardons.

From left to right: Mr Jolke OPPEWAL (Ambassador of the Netherlands), Mr Bart OUVRY (Ambassador of the European Union), Mr Malick COULIBALY (Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Attorney General), Mr Mr Alfredo Teixeira (Representative deputy resident of PNUD, Program Director), Mr Ibrahim TOUNKARA (National Director of DNAPES)
From left to right: Mrs Laurence FAYOLLE (Team leader of PAJM II), Mr Samba SOUMARE (Respnosible for follow-up of CONFED), Mr Amadou ONGOIBA (Department manager of projects follow-up at CONFED), Mr Ibrahim TOUNKARA (National Director of DNAPES)
Handing-in of 40 thermoflashes, 80 hand-washing kits and 120 hand sanitizers

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