Marocco: Modernisation of the Prison Administration through professionalization

Since the establishment of the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR/GDPAR) in 2008 and its reporting to the Prime Minister, the Moroccan prison administration has been undergoing a major transformation. Under the guidance of a former political opponent who spent several years in prison before the arrival of the new monarch Mohamed VI, Mr Saleh TAMEK, the General Delegate, initially a university professor, is pursuing a proactive policy to upgrade this long-decried administration. The task is great since the years of immobility have been long.

By requesting the European Union for twinning and technical assistance as tools for cooperation, the General Delegate is showing his willingness to raise the institution he heads to the level of the best European criteria. Its strategy consists in relying on its senior prison staff to promote and support change.

Thus, the twinning with the European Union, led by a France/Italy/Belgium consortium led and coordinated by France, is mainly focused on the training of managers and the professionalization of practices. On the agenda: institutional audits, jobs/skills/educational standards, professional practice standards, a code of ethics, job descriptions, management, study tours, a partnership on university research and even a national consensus conference with the aim of drawing the outlines of prison policy and reintegration, debated and directed by the various actors in society: a great ambition!

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