Mid-term conference of the twinning project with the High Institute of the Judiciary – Morocco

Publé le 8 February 2019

In the framework of the partnership between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union, Nicole Cochet, Director General of Justice International Cooperation, went to Rabat to speak at the mid-term conference of the twinning project “Support for institutional reform and capacity building of the High Institute of the Judiciary”, which was held on Wednesday November 28th 2018 at the High Institute of the Judiciary.

This conference was attended by Abdelilah Lahkim Bennani, Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, and Allesio Cappellani, Deputy Ambassador of the European Union Delegation in Morocco, Raf VAN RANSBEECK, Director of the Belgian Institute of Judicial Training, and Olivier LEURENT, Director of the French National School of the Judiciary, was the opportunity to make a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the actions carried out within the first part of the project in order to continue in this dynamic the activities programmed for the second part of the twinning.

This event also saw the organization of three thematic round tables led by high-level moderators: Nadir ELMOUMNI, Professor of Constitutional Law, Abderrazak MOULAY RCHID, Founding Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Law of Soussi Rabat and former member of the Constitutional Council, Mehdi MOUNIR, Professor at the Faculty of Economic and Social Law of Soussi Rabat, and how the discussions focused on how twinning can be an instrument for implementing the Charter for the reform of the judicial system and help to inform the political choices that will have to be made in terms of governance and pedagogy in line with the European Union’s standards and good practices.

During the first round table entitled “Institutional Twinning as an Instrument for Implementing the Charter for Justice Reform”, the Director General of Justice International Cooperation was able to recall the essential support role played by the public operator, in this case JCI accompanied by FIIAPP (Spain) and IFJ (Belgium), in orchestrating the close partnership work between the institutions. JCI was thus able to renew its willingness to support its Moroccan partners in the strategic and pedagogical choices presented to the ISM.

This 24-month institutional twinning (from November 2017 to November 2019) is financed by the European Union to the tune of €1.2 million and managed with the support of the Treasury and External Finance Department – Support Unit for the Successful Advanced Status Programme under the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

Taking the form of cooperation between the Institut Supérieur de la Magistrature du Maroc and a France-Belgium-Spain consortium, this twinning project pursues four main objectives that are in line with those of the Charter for the Reform of the Judicial System : independence of the judiciary, improvement of access to law and justice, strengthening the judicial protection of rights and freedoms, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of justice.

It began on 13 November 2017 and held its launch seminar on 31 January 2018.

As part of this twinning, 57 missions representing 257 days of expertise (figures as at November 1st 2018), i.e. 55.99% of the planned days of expertise, have so far been carried out and 39 French, Spanish and Belgian experts have already been mobilised to achieve the above objectives.

Nadia El Youssefi, judge in charge of the “Communication” component of the twinning, Rajae EL MRAHI representative of the High Council of the Judiciary, Professor Nadir El Moumni, Mohamed OUKHLIFA representative of the Presidency of the Public Ministry, Benoît Chamouard, Nicole Cochet, JCI Director General and Saâd GADDAR, representative of the Moroccan Ministry of Justice.

Link to press report : https://lematin.ma/journal/2018/bilan-positif-mi-parcours-projet-jumelage-institutionnel-maroc-ue/305736.html