Objective 2020 : Prepare the integration of JCI within Expertise France

Publé le 14 January 2020

In 2020, JCI will work to prepare its integration into Expertise France, the French organization for technical assistance, following a decision by the Prime Minister, and which must be effective for the start of the year 2021.

This decision is rather welcomed, in that it will allow the team to dedicate itself to the development and implementation of the “Justice” part of the large scale multidisciplinary programs that Expertise France implements, with a capacity of influence and negotiation that JCI certainly could not claim.

Our legal and judicial cooperation should therefore emerge stronger: it will indeed prosper from now on without imposing to JCI, with the same requirements, a permanent prospecting work carried out so far on its own, and the obligation to keep, without support, a fragile financial balance weakened by the structural lack of profitability of the projects, nevertheless expected to ensure the main part of its financing.

At the current state – much preliminary – of discussions with Expertise France on the modalities of the integration to come, the objective, on both sides, is to carry out a win-win exercise, in which Expertise France will benefit, in its projects in the justice field or with a justice component, of the added value of the JCI team.

The challenge will of course be to manage, in this new context, to keep alive the participation of the French legal and judicial world within multilateral projects, which the absence of a dedicated Justice operator could weaken.

The JCI team will commit to ensure that, tomorrow in the new configuration to be built, as much as today under its own management, these projects continue to be developed and implemented under conditions guaranteeing the effectiveness of the expertise from our judicial world, and the quality of its implementation.

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