Organisation of two workshops within the new premises of the Algerian school of the Judiciary

The two workshops were part of the Support Programme for the Justice Sector in Algeria (PASA), which aims to consolidate the rule of law and guarantee high-quality justice for all citizens. They took place in the new premises of the High School of the Judiciary (ESM), which was transferred tothe city of Kolea last December.

Mrs Chantal Bussière, Honorary President of the Court of Appeal and Ms Marie-Elisabeth Bancal, Honorary President of Chamber, moderated the first workshop about the improvement of court management, which was hold from 25 to 27 March. . Mr Jean-Marie Huet, Honorary General Prosecutor, animated the second workshop that took place on 27 and 28 March. The later was about the optimisation of criminal proceedings by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The two events brought together 39 Algerian magistrates and allowed them to compare the functioning of both the French and Algerian judicial systems. The participants exchanges views about their different professional practices.