Penitentiary: closing of the twinning project in Tunisia

Publé le 1 October 2018

The closing event of the twinning project « Strengthened the prison administration in Tunisia” -led and implemented by JCI in the framework of the Justice reform support program- took place on 26 September in Tunis. The ministry of justice, M. Ghazi JERBI, the French Ambassador, the European Union ambassador and the director of the French prison administration attended this event. The Director of the French Prison Service, Mr. Stéphane BREDIN and the Director of JCI, Ms. Nicole COCHET, were also present.

The twinning started in October 2015 and lasted 36 months. During that period, JCI organized 77 missions, 7 study visits (France, Germany, Spain), and 2 two-week internships or future probation officers.

The main results are listed below:

Nicole COCHET. JCI Director general