Penitentiary: Intership at the DSIP of Lille

Publé le 5 April 2018

10 future Tunisian probation officers are at the Interregional Penitentiary Integration and Probation Department (DSIP) of Lille from 26 March to 6 April. They will discover and be trained on the working methods of the French probation services.

This internship takes place in the framework of the twinning Strengthening of Correctional Administration Institutions implemented by JCI to the benefit of the Tunisian prison administration. Among different objectives, the twinning aims at supporting the development of a national system of probation in Tunisia.

20 officers have already been recruited in order to work in 6 probation offices that will be opened in the short term. 10 of them are currently part of the professional immersion in the French probation service of Lille.

Tunisian interns