Raising awareness on radicalisation in prison and probation services

Bulgaria / France / Italy / Roumania


To improve risk assessment methodologies related to violent radicalisation and develop an upstream detection system with the aim of preventing extremist phenomena among prisoners, through :

  • Executing studies on radicalisation in prison administrations and probation and reintegration services,
  • Developing an operational tool for the prevention of violent extremism,
  • Encouraging alternatives to imprisonment,
  • Dissemination of knowledge, evaluation and final conference.

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January 2017
December 2018


European Union
DG Just


342,796 €
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Roumanian administration of penitentiaries
Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research
International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences
Union of Islamic communities of Italy
West University of Timișoara
Directorate-General for Reinsertion and Prison Services Portugal