Fighting terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa

Algeria / Egypt / Iraq / Jordania / Lebanon / Libya / Morocco / Syria / Tunisia


Support the operationalization of the strategic dialogue between the European Union and the Middle East/North Africa zone (MENA) on counter-terrorism, and the strengthening of criminal justice systems facilitating regional and international cooperation of the countries of the MENA zone, in order to ensure the safety of citizens, in accordance with the rules and standards of international law, human rights and of the rule of law.

To this end, the CT MENA project will work on :

  • the strategic dialogue between the EU and the League of Arab States by providing assistance according to the needs identified,
  • the creation and management of a technical assistance facility in the fight against terrorism (TAFCT), mobilized at the request of the partner countries,
  • the assistance in the identification, selection, implementation and evaluation of resilience pilot projects.

Avancement du projet

Projet terminé
October 2016
October 2020


European Union


13,000,000 €
Dont 1.0% alloué à JCI

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Expertise France
French Ministry of Justice
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