Assistance Program against Transnational Organized Crime in Latin America

Argentina / Belize / Bolivia / Brazil / Chile / Colombia / Costa Rica / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras / Mexico / Nicaragua / Panama / Paraguay / Peru / Uruguay / Venezuela


To fight against organised crime by strengthening the institutions responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens in 18 Latin American countries.

EL PAcCTO aims to strengthen police, judicial and penitentiary cooperation at regional level, in order to strengthen the fight against organised crime in Latin America. This programme covers all 18 Latin American countries eligible under the Development Cooperation Instrument. It is the first EU cooperation programme in Latin America that covers the whole penal chain: police, justice and the penitentiary system.

JCI is specifically in charge of the penitentiary component of the project.

Avancement du projet

April 2017
April 2022


European Union


19,000,000 €
Dont 3.0% alloué à JCI

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