Capacity building at the Ministry of Justice and primary judicial institutions


Strengthen the capacity of the directorates of the Malian Ministry of Justice, the main judicial institutions (the Inspectorate of Judicial Services, the National Institute of Judicial Training and the Supreme Council of the Judiciary), and the competencies of court staff with training of court administrators in technical preliminary investigations and the preparation and conduct of hearings. And this, to consolidate the rule of law, guarantee a fair, impartial and effective justice for all citizens, and strengthen their confidence in the judicial institutions.

Several interventions:

  • Organization of study visits in France for the benefit of the DNAJ (National Directorate for the Administration of Justice), the DNAJS (National Directorate of Judicial Affairs and Seal) and the INFJ (National Institute of Judicial Training);
  • Organization of training courses in Bamako at the Inspectorate of Judicial Services (ISJ), Heads of Primary Courts (TGI), Heads of Court of Second Instance (Court of Appeal), the Superior Council of the Judiciary ( CSM), magistrates and clerks on “holding and conduct of a criminal hearing” and magistrates on “ethics and deontology of judges and prosecutors” and “techniques of judicial communication”.

Avancement du projet

Projet terminé
January 2016
June 2018


French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Crisis and Support Center of France


100,000 €

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