Reinforcement of the Judiciary and Prison System and Protection of Human Rights


The objectives of the project are :

  • To reinforce the capacities of the Ivorian National Judicial Training Institute (INFJ), which provides training for judges, court clerks, prison guards and educators; this is equivalent to the combined activity of the four training schools within the French Ministry of Justice (ENM, ENG, ENAP, ENPJJ), on behalf of which JCI is conducting this project,
  • To support the development of the commercial justice system by training consular judges and clerks for the commercial courts,
  • To provide continuing training and training of trainers via a Franco-Ivorian training partnership and exchanges between peers.

Avancement du projet

Projet terminé
April 2016
December 2019




1,472,000 €
Dont 100.0% alloué à JCI

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