Technical Assistance – Support Project for Justice and Security


To strenghthen the capacities of judicial actors to fight organised crime and human trafficking. This implies judicialising the fight against the growing insecurity in some parts of the country, which is due to terrorist attacks led by Boko Haram causing population displacements and saturation of the criminal chain; strenghthening the central services of the Ministry of Justice, in order to provide for an appropriate response to the fight against cross-border crime, human trafficking, and illegal trafficking of migrants; and coordinating actions with the internal security forces (police, gendarmerie, national guard and customs services), in particular with a view to reinforcing the links between the enquiry, prosecution and investigation phases.

To achieve these objectives, the AJUSEN project plans to:

  • Strengthen the central services of the Ministry of Justice and the criminal justice system, while including the accountability-control function of the General Judicial and Prison Services Inspectorate;
  • Provide institutional support to the National Agency against Human Trafficking and the victims’ compensation fund;
  • Reinforcement of the Bureau for International Cooperation and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.

JCI and its partner SFERE are in charge of providing technical assistance to achieve these objectives.

Avancement du projet

September 2017
March 2021


European Union


2,026,322 €
Dont 78.2% alloué à JCI

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