Round table on Judicial Career Development in the Kyrgyz Republic

Publé le 12 February 2016

JCI contributes to the EU funded project Promotion of the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic in cooperation with Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic. In this framework, a Round table was held on the perspectives of the career development of judges and prosecutors, on February 8, 2016, in Bishkek.


The round table discussion gathered Members of parliament, civil servants, judges, prosecutors, advocates, academicians, international and national experts, to discuss current issues and deficiencies of the judicial profession and the profession of a prosecutor in Kyrgyzstan, and to propose possible directions for improvement. The event was opened by the Chair of Parliamentary Committee, who underlined that the judicial profession and its development is a concern not only for these professions, but also for the entire community.

The visiting European experts mobilized by JCI, Dariusz Lubowski, a judge from Poland, and Stoil Pashkunov, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Justice in Bulgaria and a former prosecutor, commented and made recommendations on the entire process, including the selection of judges and prosecutors, initial and ongoing training, promotion, sanctions, and disciplinary proceedings. The experts based their recommendations on the leading European practices (including in France, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain) in the selection of judges and prosecutors (criteria and procedures), their regular evaluation and increase of professional capacity, and the status and public image of these – key for the judicial reform – professions. Particularly useful was the experience of all presented countries in the area of the mandatory initial training of newly appointed judges and prosecutors.

The national perspectives and immediate priorities were described by Madina Davletbaeva, national expert and a former judge, and the Director of the Training center for judges.

The round table is the second event supported by the EU and organised in close cooperation between the Project (its Component on Improving Professionalism, lead by JCI) and the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic.