Rule of Law EU project in Kirghiz Republic

Publé le 24 October 2017

Rule of Law EU project in Kirghiz Republic facilitates regional exchanges in support to institutional capacity building of the High school of justice (HSJ)

From 9 October to 13 October a delegation of Kyrgyz institutions involved in judicial training is visiting Astana upon the invitation of the Judicial Academy of Kazakhstan. The delegation includes a Supreme Court judge, a member of the Council of Judges, the Director of the HSJ, a Supreme Court specialist, an ex-judge and trainer of the HSJ, and the head of section at the HSJ. 

The visit is organised by the EU-funded Project “Promotion of the rule of law in the KR”, JCI Component on Improving professionalism. The Project’s key expert and national expert accompany the delegation.

The main purpose of the visit is to learn about and study the Kazakh model for judicial training.

The delegation was received by the Rector of the Academy, the Vice-Rector, the Director of the Training centre for judges, and practically the entire management of the welcoming institution. The delegation also attended, the other days of the week, training sessions on the Prohibition of torture and Human trafficking. A meeting with Supreme Court judges, with the future judges currently going through the 2-years’ programme, and a closing meeting at the Academy of Justice have also been organized.

Meeting at the Judicial Academy of Kazakhstan, Astana, October 2017