Signature of a twinning contract with the High Institute for the Judiciary of the Maroccan Kingdom

Publé le 29 November 2017

A twinning contract for the support for the institutional reform and the strengthening of the capacities of the High Institute of the Judiciary of Morocco has been signed October 23th between the Ministry of Justice and Freedoms (Morocco), the Ministry of Justice (France), the Federal Public Service of Justice (Belgium) and the General Council of Judiciary Power (Spain). JCI is the leader operator, with the FIIAPP (Spain) and the SPF (Belgium) as junior operators.

This twinning of 24 months, with a 1 200 000euros budget, should strengthen the institutional capacities of the HIJ by ensuring the effective implementation of the judicial system reform, the requirements of the acquis and the european best practices. The HIJ will reform it’s governance, deliver a new formation plan and create a corps of professional instructors.

The Resident Twinning Adviser started her activity in the middle of November within the HIJ in Rabat and was able to present the twinning agreement to the ISM Board of Directors on 22 November 2017.

Forthcoming events :

ISM Board of Directors, chaired by the Minister of Justice of Morocco