The challenges of judicial training – Georgia

Publé le 3 May 2018

An international conference on the challenges of judicial training was organized in Tbilisi on 18 and 19 April 2018 to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Georgian High School of Justice (HSoJ). This event took place in the framework of the twinning on capacity building of Georgian judges and judicial staff – a twinning implemented by JCI with ENM, since September 2017, as a junior partner of the Latvian Ministry of Justice -.

Peter DANIS, representative of the Delegation of the European Union, in charge of the twinning follow-up, welcomed the holding of the conference, organised by Solvita KALNINA KAUNE, resident advisor in Tbilisi.

During these two days, European and Georgian speakers discussed issues related to recruitment systems, the organisation of initial and continuous training, and the development of e-learning. Above all, there has been much debate about the “judge craft”, that is, “what to judge? “and how to teach it.

The speeches by Sarah DUPONT, Deputy Director of Internships at ENM, Raf van RANSBEECK, Director of the Belgian Judicial Training Institute (IGO), and Philip ROSTANT, a British magistrate teaching at the Judicial College, highlighted the convergence of the principles applied within the European Union, reinforced by the existence of the European Training Network, which activities were presented by its Secretary General, Mr Wojciech POSTULSKI.

Several Georgian judicial training officials, first and foremost Mr Lasha MAGHRADZE, Director of the HSoJ, presented the recruitment and training of judges in Georgia, and reported on the progress made and to be continued with the support of the ongoing twinning.

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