Algeria – The PASJA facing containment, between the preservation of assets and the upkeep of a structuring dynamic for resumption and beyond

“At the time when the containment was decided both in France and Algeria, the project was getting to a transitional stage for the period of March-April 2020. The two countries are facing an out of sync evolution of the epidemic, thus, this asymmetry between the countries appears to be a complicating factor.

In order to tackle this period of containment as good as possible, the work leads of the project team have been quickly prioritised: to preserve the assets of an intense work done for the last few months, in coordination with the actions intervening during the period and to work on future in order to maintain a productive dynamic in the realisation of the goals of the project.

Therefore, it is in this particular context the PASJA started a functioning of “confined management” and “remote contacts”, by requiring the project team to get a new organisation and to adapt to the evolving situation.

From that moment on, a strong communication of the project team toward the Beneficiary has been implemented. This is primarily a need to quickly inform on the cancellation of actions planned a long time ago for some them and expected by everyone. This communication has been conducted at several levels and is still going on especially through the project Coordinator toward the programme Director, the Directors of the beneficiary institutions and the DUE but also from experts to the focal points of beneficiary institutions.

The PASJA can also count on the staff still living in Algeria, what permits to get a feedback in “real-time” on the evolution of the situation in Algeria. In such hard times, the commitment of every person must be acknowledged. All of the partners display a large flexibility in their reactivity when it comes to give their opinion or amend a document.”

Damien Romestant, Project Coordinator