The PRAVO-JUSTICE project has kicked off

Publé le 6 April 2018

The PRAVO-JUSTICE project in Ukraine started on 07 December 2017. It is the follow-up to the JCI Project “Support Justice Sector reforms” conducted since 2013.

This new project, worth a total of €15M over 3 years, is now being carried out by Expertise France. It covers the following components:

JCI manages component 2 and half of component 3 on the enforcement of civil decisions, for a total amount of nearly €2M.

The project is currently at the inception phase to clarify the needs of Ukrainian partners.

An international long-term expert on component 2 is mobilized for this period, Reda MOLIENE, Director of Judicial Administration in Lithuania, as well as Marie-Françoise VERDUN, French Honorary Magistrate mobilized as a short-term expert to define the concept of pilot court to be set up in Ukraine.

On the component 3, an international short-term expert, Katilin POPOV has been mobilized on the topic of civil enforcement, in particular on the question of the private enforcement officer which has just been set up in Ukraine.

A wrap-up meeting will be held in May with the Delegation of the European Union and the beneficiaries to present the conclusions of the work carried out during this inception phase and validate the project’s priority objectives and workplan.

Meeting with the beneficiaries
Mss Oksana MATIYASH (national long-term expert). Reda MOLIENE (Director of the Lithuanian Judicial Administration) and Marie-Françoise VERDUN (short term expert mobilized to define the concept of pilot court)