JCI supports projects through various procédures :

TENDER: public contracts are awarded through calls for tenders.

Different types of contracts are possible, whether for:

  • Services, involving the performance of studies and/or implementation of technical assistance;
  • Supply, for the purchase or rental of products;
  • or Works, including the execution of a construction project (building or civil works) in accordance with previously defined standards.

GRANTS: grants are awarded through calls for proposals.

A grant is a “direct financial contribution made by donation or non-commercial payment in kind to a specific beneficiary.” It may fund either:

  • An activity intended to promote the achievement of a given objective within the framework of a European Union policy (known as an action grant),
  • Or the operation of an organisation pursuing an aim in the general European interest or an objective within the context of a European Union policy (operating grant).

INSTITUTIONAL TWINNING: twinning is an instrument of cooperation between two public administrations (that of an EU Member State and that of a country covered by the European Enlargement or Neighbourhood Policy) aimed at strengthening the institutional capacities of the beneficiary administration through the mobilisation of appropriate European public expertise and the exchange of good practices.

NO-BID CONTRACT: award of a contract in the absence of prior competitive bidding.

CONSORTIUM: a group of several entities composed of a lead partner and partner(s) (sometimes called “junior” partner(s)).