Training of Trainers for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers

Publé le 19 November 2015

JCI organizes training of trainers in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan, in October and November 2015, in the framework of the EU funded project Promotion of Rule of Law in Kyrgyzstan

A former judge and currently trainer at the French National School for the Judiciary, a vice-president of a High Court and a former member of the Paris Bar Association and trainer at Paris Bar School (EFB) are delivering training of trainers on methodologies and principles of teaching, including court case simulations. The participants are expected to train their colleagues in the near future.

In France, initial training is delivered every year to over 350 future Judges and Prosecutors and to over 3500 Advocates. The training programme of the EU Rule of Law project in Kyrgyzstan expects to reach about 500 Judges, Prosecutors and Advocates.

The entire training programme, delivered together with the Judges Training Centre, the Prosecutors’ Training Centre, and the Training Centre for Advocates, includes two “Training of trainers” sessions jointly for Judges and Prosecutors, held on 8-10 October and 11-13 November, and one session for Advocates on 14-17 October. Several trainings with the legal community are also planned on different legal topics such as the fight against corruption and money laundering.

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ToT advocates
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